Why Master Point Rope Access

Here at Master Point we strive to keep your production at maximum capacity. We have a strong ethic of ‘Leave No Trace’ and here it all comes together to Simple, Safe and Secure.


Completing the most challenging jobs and inspections in the vertical world safely, quickly, and affordably. We accomplish this by providing you with the most innovative solutions. We save you time and money by efficiently accessing difficult, complicated, or delicate work areas. Whether you have an emergency project that just came up, retrofit or routine inspection, our minimal footprint and “Leave No Trace” far surpass any scaffolding or crane option. As we like to say in our work….. “Simple, Safe, Secure”.


  • High-angle work/rescue SPRAT certified technicians and level 3 supervisors
  • Confined space work/rescue certified teams
  • OSHA 30-level safety awareness
  • Liability insurance: 1m/occurrence, 1m umbrella
  • Combined twenty-five years experience with difficult access and safety consulting
  • Flawless safety record with zero accidents

Clients and Projects

We are well connected with our clients and projects and strive for constant continuing education. Go to our clients and projects pages to learn more.

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