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pH-I STATIC LSK Reflective

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EN 1891 Type A Semi-Static Climbing Rope

pH-I Static Reflective has the same unique color change marker as standard pH-I Static when exposed to strong acids but with the addition of retro-reflective markers for when rope visibility is important whilst working in confined or dark spaces.

Available Diameters: 11mm

Termination Options: Figure of eight knot or sewn eye

Construction: Multiple Twisted Nylon Cores

Cover: 16 Plait Nylon

Coatin Options: Halochromic Coating (Markers only)

Test Standards: CE EN 1891 Type A


  • Cleaning with chemicals
  • Industrial access
  • Lime scale stripping
  • Paint stripping
  • Weld preparation


  • Chemical exposure alert
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • High elongation
  • High energy absorption
  • High strength
  • Reflective marker yarns are easily visible
  • Visible year marker
  • Works well with ascenders and descenders


[tab name='DATASHEETS'] pH-I STATIC LSK Reflective Datasheet


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